Rent A Car Advice: Booking Online


Renting a car can be expensive, whether you are renting for a vacation with family or friends or for a business trip, but you can often find much less expensive rates when you book the rental car online. The various car rental companies like Alamo, Budget and Hertz, have their own websites where you can browse the available vehicles, get a rate quote, and book and reserve the rental car at your intended destination. Alternatively, there are separate websites that compare rates from all of those companies and more, allowing you to browse many offerings from just one website.

There are a few things to keep in mind when booking your rental car online, though, and being aware of these things will ensure your rental experience goes much more smoothly than it might otherwise. When using one of the websites that compare many different companies, be sure to verify that the total they are displaying is the actual total – you may find that the car rental company itself has additional fees, taxes, limits or other caveats that are tacked on later in the booking process and don’t display initially. They may even just display the base rate for a week rather than for your actual 9 day trip, meaning you will end up paying that base rate PLUS the daily rate for the additional two days.

Alternatively, when you are quoted a base rental car rate, it does not include rental insurance coverages, sales tax, airport taxes, vehicle license fees and myriad other miscellaneous charges. These charges will vary from location to location, since some cities use rental car taxes as a means to make money to finance local things like sports stadiums or similar. So make sure you check what these additional charges and fees will be thoroughly before you arrive to pick up your car and discover you don’t have enough to pay for it!

To get the very best rates possible, it is best to book by the weekly rate instead of the daily rate, and to book online and to book well in advance of your trip. You can check back periodically before your departure to see if the rate has gone down, since rates often depend on how many vehicles of that make and model are available at a specific location. If you keep these things in mind when booking online, you can get a great deal on a great rental car for your trip!